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                                Kerman Khodoro Automobile Industry

Being placed in a Cultural and historical location on the desert grid, as well as having a unique climate and a proprietary Airport, The new Arg is located 15kilometers from the city of bam; and it’s One of the most dashing regions for investments and sightseeing. This regions approximate area is 2100 hectares, 1000 hectares is assigned to the economic zone and the rest to a modern complex named “the new Arg town” possessing tourism and welfare.

Regardless of being set on the outskirts of the desert, and due to enough rainfalls on the surrounding valleys, the new Arg has sufficient water supplies and palm groves. Taking use of this capacity, great water supply and a unique landscape, the regions designer engineers have created a beautiful promenade in the middle of the desert, attracting every bystander. In terms of tourism, this zone possesses many historical structures, most important of them all being bam’s historical Arg. The construction of this zone started at 1991 and even bam’s 2003 earthquake didn’t stop the development. This region is among the special economic zones, so the importation of raw materials and products is done without the need of purchasing custom’s rights; this has created a great opportunity for the investments of foreign companies in this area as the economic pole of “the new Arg”. In contemporaneous with the creation of the new Arg, a complexion named as “the automobile industry” started its economic activities in the field of the importation of various kinds of Daewoo Automobiles, because of the customers great welcoming and in hope of achieving their primary goal, attracting foreign investments, settling in the reel of the production industry and the abatement of civil privation, executed “the new Arg’s” Automobile production plan. The execution of this project began in the March of 1993 and it resulted in the foundation of various companies in the field of automobile manufacturing and montage, such as Kerman Motors, Rayn Automobiles, Bam Automobiles, Mehr Khodro, Arman Motors, Kaadak, Negin Bam and… .