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Member of Council of Ministers of the Free Trade - Industrial Original One Hundred and Thirty Eight meeting dated 01/02/1385 according to Iran's constitution and in compliance with the Decree No. 11,039 / 34 804 of the Act or implementing regulations dated 09.02.1385 and the Islamic Republic of Iran's special economic zones were approved as follows: 

Act and the implementing regulations of special economic zones 
Islamic Republic of Iran

Article 1 - In this bylaw the following words and phrases are used instead of the detailed information: 
A - Country: Islamic Republic of Iran 
B - Customs: Customs of Iran 
C - the Supreme Council: Council of Free Trade - Industrial Zones and Special Economic 
D - Secretariat: The Secretariat of the High Council of Free Trade - Industrial Zones and Special Economic 
C - Law: Law and Administration of Special Economic Zones 
(C) - Region: special economic zone 
G - Zone: governmental and non-governmental legal entity which is to be proposed by the Secretariat of the Council shall be determined and the responsible regional office is responsible. 

Article 2 - The Comprehensive Physical Plan region by region will be prepared and approved by Council shall be proposed by the Secretariat. 

Article 3 - The feasibility report and draft bill prepared by the Secretariat of the Special economic zones and the Cabinet approved the Council will be provided. 

Article 4 - The regional director will be appointed by the Authority. 

Article 5 - Organization of the acquisition and possession of the lands subject to the Cabinet is required before licensing. 

Article 6 - the area can provide additional services that are executive agencies, the cost of public services, infrastructure, engineering and road facilities, storage, unloading, loading, health, culture, communication, education and welfare in the region are directly would receive from natural and legal persons. These funds should be commensurate with the services and tariffs with the aim of maintaining the competitive position of each region, the regional planning organization and approved by the Council will be provided. Council within one month to review and approve or modify the tariffs will apply, otherwise the proposed tariffs will be deemed approved. 
Note 1 - The rules of engineering and consulting services from qualified contractors for technical and engineering services are required Alrayh. 
Note 2 - Organization of measures are required, and opportunities necessary to provide the mentioned services are provided by non-governmental sectors, the tariff rate shall be determined by the organizations responsible for regional and applied. 

Article 7 - The District is responsible for the licensing activities, policies and practices to comply with governmental regulations. 
Note: If non-compliance with permits issued by the governmental policies and regulations, the responsibility for possible damages to compensate for natural and legal persons will be responsible for the organization. 

Article 8 - The foreign trade zones or other special economic zones and free trade zones - Industrial Authority and other formalities required to be provided without any customs declaration. 
Note - once and for ensuring the organization's annual Iranian Customs will also be accepted. 

Article 9 - Goods which to repair or completion of other parts of the country to enter the area after completion of the restoration or repair to be replaced or added to the value of parts and material that foreign origin be subject to the rights of entering the export of and imports are. 

Article 10 - the same return or restitution of goods imported from abroad into the country if the goods imported from other parts of the country to provide information on goods entering the area is permitted without any formalities with the License. 

Article 11 - raw materials and components imported from outside the area for processing, conversion, or repair the country are completed, the temporary regulations and the processing, conversion or repair or for use in completing the formalities with the minimum Customs to return and settlement areas are. 

Article 12 - Transportation agencies and the owners or owners of vehicles when vehicles are required to copy the files with a copy of the bill of lading attached to each item of its products to the list in the region and customs of the region to Submitters are legal. 

Article 13 - Determining the value of Article (11) led the commission composed of representatives of the Ministries of Mines and Industries and Commerce, Central Bank of Iran, Iran's Customs Administration, the Regional Secretariat and the Secretariat will be formed in place, 
Note 1 - Total value added value materials used in interior parts of commodities produced is determined by the above-mentioned commission of domestic goods and the arrival of the rest of the inputs are exempted from payment of all rights. 
Note 2 - in excess of the value-added goods produced in the country and allowed only to the entrance of foreign materials and parts used therein will be paid. 

Article 14 - the deadline to stop importing goods into the region is determined by the organization. In the afternoon of the warehouse receipt of the notice and listed as a stipulation signed by the owner of the goods and the criteria should be mentioned that if the owner does not remove the goods at the time of their goods or not to determine, after one month of written notice to the legal domicile of the owner of the goods, the organization is allowed to proceed directly to the implementing regulations for its operation. 
Note - The owner of the goods and the real or legal person or his legal deputy or operator who is carrying a cargo manifest or a resolution or endorsement by the warehouse receipt has been issued in his name. 

Article 15 - Registration of companies or subsidiaries and representative companies in the business have a special economic zone, regardless of domestic or foreign equity participation and record their material and intellectual Property Organization in the application area and according to the registration office Asnadvamlak Companies and Intellectual Property Registration terms of industrial and free trade areas - the issue of Iran's Decree No. 21,453 / 15,011 k of it is dated 02/30/1374 and subsequent amendments 
Note - All duties and powers of special economic areas in paragraph 3 and Article 6 (1) and Articles 2 and 3 of the decree relating to the Real Estate Registration Office will be assigned. 

Article 16 - Separation and issuance of real estate in the area's only district with a request by the Department of Real Estate Registration is done. Transfer of real estate in the area between natural and legal persons in each organization with the knowledge and relevant regulations will be possible. 
Note - issuance subject to the resolution issued by the end of the region. 

Article 17 - matters related to employment, human resources and labor relations and social security, employment contracts, working conditions and the authorities to resolve their differences on the basis of employment, human resources, insurance and social security in free trade zones - Industrial, Post Decree No. 33433 of 25 patients It is dated 16/03/1373 and subsequent amendments. 
Note - The term "free trade zones - Industrial" in the decree for the implementation of special economic zones with the phrase "special economic zones" to be replaced. 

Article 18 - import and export statistics organizations, districts are required monthly to the Ministry of Commerce, Customs, Central Bank of Iran and their secretariat. 

Article 19 - The Secretariat is responsible for achieving the goals and missions and reporting Brmlkrd complete supervision of the Supreme Council every six months to provide. Areas of their performance against the Council are accountable. 
Note: The implementation of this legal obligation, the obligation to examine all documents of the Secretariat, without any exception, including books and records and contracts and correspondence with the Secretariat is obliged to be organized. 

Article 20 - Where in the Act and these regulations is not the duty, according to Customs regulations, import and export operation will be. 

The Honorable presidential decree has been approved on 03/02/1386.

Parviz Davoodi 
First vice president