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Vice president of strategic planning and monitoring 
The removal of barriers to investment and industrial production in August one thousand three hundred and eighty-seventh session on Six Industries and Mines Commission, the Parliament under Article 85 of the constitution of Iran's parliament ratified the implementation of five pilot in open session on Sunday, April twenty-sixth of one thousand three hundred and eighty-six agreed and gave the Guardian Council meeting dated 05.08.1387 and the Expediency Council with amendments to the final approval letter No. 53103 dated 18 / 9 / 1387 Parliament Grdydhast filed, attached to the notice runs. 

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 

Article 1 products industries Lvdhknndh environment as long as pollution continues to identify and notify the Supreme Council of Environment (the fifteenth of March each year for implementation next year, notification shall be) commensurate with the degree of pollution to one percent (1%) Prices subject to payment effects to be the case with the EPA by industrial units and municipalities and related Dhyaryhay, the projects will eliminate pollution from the plant and surrounding environmental compensation. The ordinance of the Ministry of Industries and Mines and the Environment Protection Agency and approved by the Cabinet. 

Article 2 For the protection of industrial exports, the government is obliged to pay to offset the costs of export commodities and capital, and parts and series production and engineering and technical services of the country (the list at the beginning each year with the Ministry of Industries and Mines Council approval to export it) at least two-thirds of the value export product of the previous year rate differentials and banking facilities of domestic interbank rate (the rate Laybvr), the annual budgets and forecasts up to three months from the date of the above products to exporters export to pay. Since the implementation of this Article will be on 01.01.1387. 
Note: This article by an ordinance of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Mines in collaboration with the Ministries of Agriculture and State Management and Planning Organization and approved by the Cabinet is prepared. 

Article 3 The Government is required in order to rationalize the difference between average earnings and charges banking facilities with an average benefit paid to the types of deposits (Spread) of their way to pass the notification to the date of adoption of this law, the difference above the ceiling of three percent (3%) be limited. 

Article 4 The following amendments in the revised rules and regulations of the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran: 
A Note to a Note (5) of Article (6) is added as follows: 
Note 5 Standards Council is required to monitor the implementation of accountability standards for goods and services (excluding medication that the Ministry of Health and Medical Education is) the only Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran referred to the manner of the law no action in this regard will not be parallel. 
The tariffs in order to make appropriate service fees Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran with the actual costs of these services, in row (6) of Article (20) of the Act, the term "actual costs of providing each service in the roof" after the word "institution "is added. 

Article 5 Economic Council is required, the price of electricity at peak hours and seasons and the hours and seasons Kmbary way to determine the average industrial electricity price does not exceed the rate of ordinary hours and reduce consumption at peak hours is exclusively. 

Article 6 The Ministry has a duty industrial applications with gas supply and the priority of price and supply of natural gas (sour, sweet, rich, dry, methane and ethane) gas and condensate for the downstream industries as raw materials or energy ( as food or fuel) in the public sector, private and cooperative (either existing or under construction industries or industries that will be constructed in the future, and industries that have built their products or their products entirely or partly Bhmsrf is issued ) the same way that the 1390 solar minimum twenty-five percent (25%) of the gas production of raw materials to domestic downstream industries. 
Supply of natural gas (sour, sweet, rich, dry, methane and ethane) and liquids and condensate prices to different industries (both existing industries and new applicants) suggests that discrimination between two or more manufacturers or imply discrimination prices between different regions, despite being identical conditions is prohibited. 
Any concession on natural gas pricing of oil is required (sour, sweet, rich, dry, methane and ethane) and liquid and gas condensate, or is provided for each firm or business, and with the same priority for the firm or business similar in the private sector, cooperatives and NGOs also consider public. 
Oil Ministry is required within three months after the passage of this Act, revoke or extend such privileges available. 

Note as an amendment to Article 7 (4) The following Article 13 of the Prevention of Air Pollution Act 1374 shall be added: 
Note 4 to Astlamhayy EPA is required to permit operation of industrial plants and mining takes place within a month if no answer and the reasons it agreed to submitted in writing to inquire. Export licenses are required if you do not receive a response to the industrial ministries, apply to the licensing operation. 

If it accepts the amendments under Article 8 of the Act: 
(A) to Article 7 of the Act, the following shall be added: 
Clause 3 deals with more than thirty days must be in written form by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the framework of laws and regulations and the parties will be. 
Note 4: Employers are required workers with temporary contracts to work towards the end of the legal benefits of working for a month last year on the basis of wages paid. 
The following paragraph as paragraph (h) the text of Article 10 of the Act is added: 
H. Conditions and Contract 
The following paragraph as paragraph (g) the text of Article (21) the work to be added: 
The termination of the contract so that the predicted Grdydhast Agreement. 
(D) of paragraph (h) the following Article (21) the work is added: 
H decreased production and structural changes in economic conditions, social, political and technology necessary changes in accordance with the provisions of Article 9 of the Act and regulations to facilitate the modernization of the industry. 
According to the Article (101) Ongoing Economic, Social and Cultural Iran's government has approved and notified within three months from the date of this Act to an improvement in the relations (27) Labor Law and other relevant materials to the . 

Article 9 in order to accelerate and expand exploration and exploitation of mining operations and Mineral Industries, Mines Act will be amended as follows: 
(A) Article (19) Note: The following is added: 
Note any land disturbance and natural and legal persons within the licensed mining operations without a legal warrant from the judicial authorities and prosecution of crime. 
In these cases the police are obliged upon request of the Ministry of Industries and Mines or licensees to immediately seize and eliminate harassment and the accused or the accused to judicial authorities to introduce. 
(B) Article 24 is amended as follows:

Article 24 In order to accelerate the exploration and exploitation of mines, the relevant executive agencies required to make invitation to the inquiry within two months the Ministry of Industries and Mines for exploration permit in the following terms shall. 
Legal Notices roads and railways. 
Within cities and their legal privacy. 
Privacy law in the dams and water distribution networks, dams and ponds and Ghanavati. 
In forests and pastures. 
Holy places in space and historic buildings. 
Place in space and military bases. 
In paragraph (a) or (3) the environmental protection and improvement of the deadline as agreed in the devices is considered. 
Note query for a location at once and explore licensing by the Ministry of Industries and Mines to a maximum of three months Khvahdgrft. 
(C) of Article (26) is amended as follows: 

Article 26 of the exploration and exploitation and the accumulation and utilization of minerals and disposal of waste at the source of the request of the Ministry of Industries and Mines Organization of forests and pastures of the country will be recorded that the area within the permit issued by the shackles and the field of operational mine the end of mine life or public property shall be provided to the Ministry of Industry and Mines and the operation of any materials contained in the licenses that are issued as public property is seized. 

Article 10 In order to finance projects and industrial activities and the use of foreign exchange reserves and orient it toward the maximum use of local power: 
A specialized banks and ministries of paragraph (d) Article 1 of the Fourth Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Iran are obliged, for the facilities granted to foreign exchange reserves, sales of industrial and mining projects with an export price delivered at the ports country (FOB) to calculate. 
The banks are obliged, facilities, and Card (including sources of foreign exchange reserves account, administered funds, facilities or suspension of internal resources) needed for the study of industrial and mineral projects and facilities based on the approved development plan and implementation schedule to Karprdakht . If not paid in accordance with a schedule approved by the facility and with delays in payment previously granted facilities to be postponed. 
A facility granted for machinery and equipment, interior design, industrial and mineral resources of the local currency accounts are allowed, industrial and mining projects, investors may purchase domestic equipment manufacturers and industrial equipment and mining as well as their currency. 
In cases where the value of the Land Record and the investor, more than fifty percent (50%) of total investment projects, the technical and economic feasibility studies and plans by the banks will not need to bail the whole bill, pay the necessary facilities. 
The relevant bank is required within one month from the date the request is received, accepted or not accepted in its final response to the plan and if the answer is no reason to be declared in writing to the applicant. 
And provisions of law to protect domestic manufacturing industries and mining ministry is required to handle and far approved by the inquiries received Prvfrmhay banks to declare it to the bank. 

Article 11 executive agencies and public organizations and companies are obliged, with respect to the maximum use of the technical, engineering, manufacturing or industrial executive branch: 
A domestic purchases (including project and Ghyrprvzhhay) through the opening credits worth more than Dvmylyard rial rials or foreign currency in favor of domestic manufacturers do. 
Svrtvzyt the work done by contractors, and billing (invoice) within thirty days of the sale of domestic manufacturers and the funds paid to the beneficiary. 
If the conditions of approval must be provided with the reasons stated in writing within thirty days to the beneficiary. 
C Department of Social Welfare and social security premiums required contractors and other construction projects, and with or without materials provided by the Contractor to receive interest only on the list. 

Article 12 of protectionism, tariff components Mnfslh-construction (SKD) parts completely Mnfslh (CKD) mobile phones, domestic appliances and other electrical appliances (except automotive and industrial technology, advanced (single) with the approval of the Ministry of Industry) than The import tariff on completely built (CBU) in order to eighty percent (80%) and ten percent (10%) is determined. 
All items used by the government, tariff tables for long-term (two years or more) and special rules for them and that has been developed according to the previous plan and to identify potential investors to the Ministry of Industry and Mines of the provisions of the excluded. 

Article 13 In cases where changes in the bill of materials (1), (5), (6) and (8) This Act may be considered necessary, it will be possible to change the legislation. 

Article 14 The duration of the test performed in accordance with the provisions of Article 85 of the constitution is five years. 
This Act contains fourteen of the meeting on Sunday the seventh of August one thousand three hundred and eighty-six of Industries and Mines Commission and approval of materials (1), (5), (6) and (8), the Guardian Council, which gave the The bill would replace the materials (1) and (6) and accession to Article (13) by the Expediency Council agrees on 08/25/1387 was diagnosed with expediency. 

Ali Larijani 
The head of parliament