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Iran's recent directive to include all production units in the customs duty across the country. 
Customs Circular No. 79447/10 dated 03/26/87 about the text and instructions issued by the chief executive of the No. 15431/10 dated 01.29.1388 to run the Iranian Customs has been served, is as follows: :

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Customs of Islamic Republic of Iran 
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Date: 03/26/87 
No. 79447/10

Supervision of ............... 
Customs ............... 
Pursuant to Circular No. 4341/10 dated 18/01/87 regarding customs clearance of goods using bank guarantees according to Article 3 of the implementing regulations (3) of Article 12 of the Act, the provisions of the Financial Regulation ( Subject decree No. 718 / 37 914 K the Board dated 10/01/87 Minister) and to expedite and facilitate the discharge of raw materials and components required for reliable production units of instructions stored goods as collateral for clearance of goods which is declared as follows: : 

1 - set of production units and authentic materials and parts needed in production units operated under a license provided that at least 50 workers have insurance of the executive customs units permit the request of the goods maintenance damages may be issued by the customs. 
2 - Assessment and diagnosis of other production units, and leading commercial companies and imported goods covered by these guidelines and licensing the storage of goods imported by Iranian Customs Office of Import shall be issued. 
3 - In any case, the applicant has no records of smuggling and tax liability is accepted practice for four years and among the debtors may not be the subject of Article 12 of Customs Act. 
4 - units of production facilities for a maximum period of 4 months and 3 months for commercial units will be owner of the goods is required to pay within the deadline for clearance of incoming goods to the cash. 
5 - If no playing commitments at the deadline, the customs related to Iranian customs and the customs administration for failing to provide the goods declared to customs facilities and the implementation of (14) and (15) of the Customs Act to fix up was deposited obligations to take action. Also part of the goods stored in the due course of law, abandoned and declared in a statement to the collection and sale of abandoned property owner Liability Directive Possession of the goods will be considered.As mentioned in the sale of goods, having regard to other provisions, the deduction of debt relating to the sale of abandoned goods and the amount paid into the Treasury, the Customs shall make the announcement. 
6 - Certificate of customs clearance of goods, a full commitment to playing with the maintenance of customs and import Azmhl where letter of credit is to provide a sealed stamped "bank note" should be avoided. 
7 - goods production units belonging to the prestigious post as a whole after the goods and the customs formalities of goods as collateral for up to 50% of the costs imposed on the input and customs clearance maintenance and the rest as on credit is. 
1-7 - If the source of goods is more than 40%, maximum 40% credit in the form of goods in customs clearance and the rest will be kept as collateral. 
2-7 - customs fees and costs pursuant to the remaining goods stored in customs for some time that the license was issued must be paid in cash. 
3-7 - In case of damage during shipment bill of lading from a combination of items, number, value and number of products containing them are quite similar, the total customs cargo shipments as collateral rights of one or more input - if adequate rights incoming goods and the costs imposed discharge and possible complications - in the maintenance of customs and other cargo to be discharged on credit. 
8 - How to clear imported goods belonging to other units of production and commercial companies accredited under paragraph 2 of the instructions and the item should be kept as a collateral entry of the case permits be issued will be determined by the Office of imports. 
9 - the highest official responsible for implementing the instructions of the customs and the customs duty to report the detailed instructions at the end of this month to Dfatrmavnt Administrative and Financial Affairs submitted to Customs.

Mohammad Hashim leadership * 
* Former Director General of Customs of Iran

Iranian customs clearance of imported goods manufacturers instructions on obtaining a bank guarantee

Customs .................

No. 15431/10 
Date: 01/29/1388

According to the implementing regulations of Article 1 3 Article 2 of the Act, the provisions of financial regulations and administration in order to facilitate and expedite the clearance of imported goods and liquidity shortages producers, traders and owners of goods, will be allowed to observe the exact relevant laws and regulations and according to the following conditions, goods of the owner of demand for the goods or the legal representative obtained a bank guarantee with a valid license as a form acceptable to Iranian customs. 

1 - The applicant is not among the debtors the Article 14 Customs Act. 
2 - Deadline for bank guarantees Makhvzh the type of incoming goods shall be determined as follows: 
A - Raw materials - Production machinery - parts Mnfslh (CKD) - spare parts for production units operating under a valid license to provide the relevant units, 7 months. 
B - Supplies and Medical Equipment - Medical - Lab - Rehabilitation - types of drugs and the like, 6 months. 
C - construction machinery - Mining Equipment Workshop - building materials - Building valves and cleaning products - agricultural machinery and accessories - Types of Steel - Engineering Equipment and similar, 5 months. 
D - goods made and ready to use - Automotive - clothing - types of tires - spare parts - woven fabrics and textiles - household appliances - and similar food items that can be expressed by business and individuals, 4 months. 
E - other goods such as furniture - toys - all kinds of chandeliers - crystal and ceramic containers - artificial flowers - decorative objects - all kinds of carbonated drinks and beer - cosmetics - smoking, etc., 3. 
Note 1 - If an importer of goods, the cooperative company - government - companies listed on the Stock Exchange or the exclusive or official products of the above two-month deadline to provide credible evidence is added. 
Note 2 - to adjust the volume of shipments of imported goods with existing facilities and encourage owners Drastfadh Azsayr customs, above all within the Bandar Abbas Shahid Rajaie customs, shall be determined by less than 2 months. 
Meanwhile, the owners of local transit of goods through customs and other agencies to discharge their goods are exempted from this provision. 
Note 3 - inputs of goods worth less than fifty million rials, which must be paid in cash and supplies. 
3 - Licensing warranty and extended warranty on the specific case and the case of unpredicted events and disasters, giving acceptable reasons and approved by the Customs, with the approval of I or vice-administrative and financial. 
4 - Customs duty to ensure the authenticity of bank guarantees issued by banks in all countries, subject to the exporter through a branch of the bank guarantee Yashbh central province, district superintendent, a written inquiry and after obtaining approval, the imported supply returns to action . 
5 - Considering that the maximum time period as determined above, so far notified the executive directors of customs in respect to all our clients, with proper planning, the way to the end of each month, the input of the receipt of an acceptable and the expired warranty that the way is set up to February fifteenth year of receipt. Also, if each of the branches of banks, no warranty in order to pay a stipulated maturity, while following up on receipt of funds and delay compensation payments and the failure of the bank branch to the inspection, administrative and financial results to the Iranian Customs Deputy Bank guarantees issued by the refusal to regard the decision taken is appropriate. 
6 - the customs duty at the end of each month listing the warranty expired (whether collected or not) to the Administrative Office of Financial Assistance to Iranian customs. 
7 - The responsibility for good performance of these instructions, assume the highest office in the customs. Communicated with the instructions, Circular No. 4341/10 dated 18.01.1387 and subsequent amendments, it will be canceled.

Ardeshir Mohammadi 
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